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How long does real stone paint last?


The service life of real stone paint refers to the time when the decoration effect is maintained. In short, there will be no obvious pollution, cracking, yellowing, fading and other phenomena within the service life, which does not mean that the real stone paint falls off. The predecessor of the real stone paint is sand blasting. From the point of adhesion, the sand blasting coating can remain for 7-8 years.

The service life of the real stone paint is closely related to the resin used. Generally speaking, the service life of the low-grade styrene acrylic real stone paint is about 3-5 years, and the poor styrene acrylic real stone paint will fade, turn yellow, turn black and crack in a few months, etc.: the service life of the pure benzene system is more than 10 years; the service life of the silicon acrylic system is more than 15 years. The reason why the real stone paint is popular in the market is mainly because of the appearance of pure acrylic and silicon acrylic systems, with a service life of up to 70 years, which is obviously exaggerated propaganda and irresponsible misleading of customers.

Is it necessary to use the real stone paint of pure acrylic and silicon acrylic systems, which will surely reach the service life of more than 10 years? Obviously not. Real stone paint includes raw materials, design and construction. Good finished product = good finished product and good plan. The quality of the finished product determines the performance of the raw material, while the scheme and construction ensure the performance of the coating. After the real stone paint reaches the service life, it is not eradicated and remade.

The real stone paint coating aging room starts from the surface coating. Generally, the surface coating will be aged to a certain extent in 7-8 years, with more dirt deposition, affecting the overall decoration. At that time, the service life of the coating can be extended only by cleaning the coating surface and then applying a new coat of finish paint. This is just like a good leather garment. If we want to wear it for several years, we need to maintain it regularly, such as once a year.

Therefore, if we want the decoration effect of real stone paint to last for a long time, we also need to maintain it.