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Neutral base to avoid discoloration of coating


The construction of real stone paint ensures the high quality of additives and aggregates, and the wall has a good flatness, so the effect of real stone paint will be very good. Because the aggregate is too coarse and too fine, there will be problems, the tight effect will be beautiful. Good adhesive quality in the film and water resistance will be good. The emulsion affects the stability and anti ultraviolet effect of the real stone paint. The quality is good, and it can effectively avoid yellowing. The paint film can not only resist water but also expand.

The real stone paint has a high requirement for the base course, which affects the life of the coating itself. Because there are many layers of real stone paint, the walls of the base must be solid without hollowing. Beating and other methods have a good judgment and detection function on the wall, and reach the standard hardness of the wall. The adhesion of the base layer will be very strong when the wall surface reaches a good cleanliness, the effect of the real stone paint will be very good, and the base layer will be free of impurities.

The base course has an impact on the coating construction, and the wall surface will achieve a good flatness and convenient decoration effect, and there will be no waste of materials and time, and the details should be square. The dryness and moisture content of the wall should be appropriate. Professional detection of the moisture content of the base course itself, if too high the coating will appear problems such as alkali, in addition to the flow hanging and drum problems. The moisture content is also different in different seasons, and the base course shall be well maintained. Neutral is very good for the construction of real stone paint, cement and mortar are alkaline, if the base layer is still very alkaline, the coating appears the problem of Pan alkali and discoloration, and even the bonding is very poor. In order to prevent the problem of excessive alkali, the base course should be adjusted as neutral as possible. The base construction of this base course coating project is very important. Unqualified coating causes peeling, hollowing and blooming.