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Why can't the real stone paint achieve the ideal effect?


Why can't real stone paint achieve its ideal effect? There are two main reasons: product and construction. So what are the problems in construction?

1、 Uneven coloring of top coating

Main reasons: the color matching is not accurate, the mixed coating can not spread evenly on time, and the thickness of the coating is not uniform; solution: adjust the product evenly again until the coating on the facing has a certain texture.

2、 Cracks and hollowing on the painted surface

Solution: adjust the real stone paint again until the paint on the surface has a certain texture. Main reasons: the color matching is not correct, the mixed coating cannot spread evenly on time, and the thickness of the coating is uneven.

3、 A large number of uneven marks appear

Solution: carry out the average Division treatment, and mix the mortar evenly during the plastering process of the basement. Main reasons: large area of cement mortar causes slow drying time, which will cause cracking and hollowing; mt-217 bentonite is used in real stone paint, which is smooth and easy to scrape.

4、 Significant surface layer of joint

Solution: timely carry out the acceptance of cement mortar plastering according to the scale of exchange. If not, the construction cannot be carried out as scheduled. Main cause: excessive components of spraying products, resulting in too thick coating surface.

5、 Serious cross pollution

Main reason: during the construction process, the surface layer did not pay attention to the distribution on the grid, resulting in the shape of rolling off. Solution: in the construction process, we must comply with every construction step to avoid destruction of cross contamination. At the same time, we can choose the auxiliary coating which has anti-aging, high temperature resistance and strong radiation resistance, and can also ensure the reduction of cross contamination.