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Operation precautions of spraying equipment


1、 Precautions before putting spraying equipment into operation

1. The capacity of the air compressor provided by the user shall conform to the air consumption of the machine specified in the manual, and shall be greater than the consumption as much as possible. The air outlet pipe and air inlet pipe shall comply with the provisions in the manual, so as to maintain sufficient air intake.

2 the compressed air from the air pressure enters the injection equipment after being filtered, so as to ensure the service life of the pneumatic system.

3. The coating shall be filtered first, and the filter screen shall be selected according to the viscosity and particle size of the coating. If the filter screen is too fine, the coating is not easy to pass, and if it is too coarse, the spray gun is easy to be blocked.

4. The air compressor shall be as far away from the spraying site as possible to reduce the possibility of compressor pollution.

5. All airless spraying equipment shall be well grounded to avoid electrostatic sparks.

2、 Precautions of spraying equipment during spraying

1. In the process of spraying, when cleaning and replacing the spray nozzle or not spraying, lock the self-locking stop of the spray gun trigger in time. In any case, the nozzle of the spray gun shall not be toward others to avoid damage.

2. Use the spraying pressure as low as possible, too high coating pressure will not improve the coating, only shorten the service life of the equipment and increase the wear of the nozzle, and increase the unsafe factors.

3、 Precautions for spraying equipment after spraying

After spraying, the equipment shall be cleaned in time. There are three steps to clean the airless spraying equipment

1 discharge of coating: lift the suction pipe from the coating barrel to make the pump run without load, and discharge the remaining coating in the pump, filter, high-pressure hose and spray gun.

2. The suction pipe shall be inserted into the melter during the no-load circulation of melter, and all parts of the equipment shall be cleaned with the no-load circulation of melter.

3. For the discharge of soluble economy, lift the suction pipe out of the soluble economy barrel, circulate without load, and discharge the soluble economy.

Please strictly follow the cleaning rules, which is very important to keep the spraying equipment in good condition and extend the service life of the equipment