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Features and operation precautions of stone paint spraying machine


1、 Inspection

Check whether the accessories are complete according to the configuration list.

2, components

1) Unscrew the cover, take out all accessories, put the raw material belt on the pressure regulating valve connector onto the air inlet above the barrel, and tighten it.

(2) Take out the material pipe and gun. One end of the material pipe with switch is connected with the real stone paint spray gun, and the other end is connected with the discharge port under the material barrel, so as to keep the material pipe switch and the material barrel switch open.

Take out the air pipe, take out the air pipe, connect the air pump, air inlet valve and spray gun, as shown in the figure.

The connection method of stone paint / putty spray gun is the same as above

(3) Check whether the gun head is equipped with nozzle. If not, tighten the nozzle to the required specification. (hands cannot twist nozzle from front)

Three, spray preparations:

(1) Open the package of real stone paint and mix it evenly with a mixer (if the material is thick, add some water to mix).

(2) Pour the evenly stirred stone paint / putty paste into the material barrel, and the material can be added to the upper weld. (about 120 kg of material is filled at a time) the cover can be tightened by hand (no effort). As the pressure in the barrel increases, the cover will automatically and firmly seal.

(3) Close the exhaust valve, open the intake valve, gently pull out the knob of the pressure regulating valve, and adjust the pressure to a proper position (generally increase the pressure clockwise and decrease the pressure anticlockwise). In general, the construction of cradles with real stone paint (6m material pipe) needs 0.4-0.6 ~ 1MPa, and the construction of scaffolds or ropes (20m material pipe) needs about 0.6-1mpa.

(4) first open the atomizing switch on the spray gun, then hold the trigger and spray it.

Four, spray adjustment.

(1) Speed: the spraying speed depends on the pressure in the barrel, the thickness of the material and the size of the nozzle. It can be adjusted according to pressure, density, nozzle type, etc. The higher the pressure, the thinner the paint, the larger the nozzle, the faster the spraying speed, and vice versa.

(2) the smoothness and roughness of spray effect depend on the nozzle diameter and atomization pressure. If you need a relatively smooth effect, you can choose a smaller nozzle to increase the atomization pressure. If you need a strong concave convex feeling, you can choose a larger nozzle, or reduce the atomization pressure.

Five, about cleaning

(1) Every day after work, the machine doesn't need to be cleaned and the lid doesn't need to be opened. Instead, just immerse the gun head in clear water, and spray construction can continue the next day.

(2) At the end of a refueling or project, add clean water and press it out to clean it all.

6. Precautions

(1) At the beginning, open the atomizing air first, and then open the valve; at the end, close the material valve first, and then close the atomizing air.

(2) Select the corresponding accessories, spray push mortar, water in water multi-color paint and emulsion paint.

(for the construction of 20 m material pipe scaffold or sling, please contact the technical personnel. (4) The oil-free mute air compressor with the displacement of 220 V, 3 kW and 0.36 can be selected, which is convenient for construction in ordinary household electric field.

(5) If there is any problem during the construction, please contact customer service in time. After sales service personnel will help you solve the problem first.

Seven spray types: real stone paint, putty paste, water in water, fireproof and waterproof coating, diatom mud, cement slurry, push over mortar, latex paint and most other coatings.