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Which spray machine should be used for different architectural coatings?


1. Airless spraying machin

High pressure airless spraying machine is accepted by more and more people in today's construction environment. Friends who have used high pressure airless spraying machine know that it can spray some construction materials without particles. For example: putty powder, emulsion paint, paint, white cement, black cement, waterproof coating, etc. Now most of the construction workers use it to spray putty powder, so we also call large-scale high-pressure airless spraying machine putty spraying machine.

2. How does airless spraying machine work?

Large-scale high-pressure airless spraying machine is usually hydraulic plunger type, using hydraulic pump to directly add the material to the pressure of more than 200 bar. When the high-pressure material is ejected through the spray gun nozzle, because the pressure difference is relatively large, the high-pressure material is atomized into many fine particles and hit the wall. With the continuous ejecting of the material, the foggy material particles are tightly stacked together on the wall. At this time, the spray gun moves at a uniform speed, so that the foggy material forms a layer of texture on the wall Uniform coating.

In order to achieve better spraying effect, when spraying on the flat wall, the speed of the gun should be as uniform as possible. In the uneven areas, the speed of the gun should be a little slower in the places with pits and a little faster in the places with high pits. This can be slightly reflected, and the spraying effect will be better. Of course, the better way is to deal with the uneven areas in advance, which is the correct construction process.

3. Screw sprayer

Screw spraying machine we also call it multi-functional spraying machine, why is it called multi-functional spraying machine? Because it can spray a wide range of construction materials, basically the construction materials with material particles below 6mm can be sprayed, such as: plastering gypsum, anti crack mortar, real stone paint, cement mortar, thick fire retardant coating, thin fire retardant coating, etc.

Maybe someone will ask Xiaobian, "I buy a screw sprayer, not all materials can be sprayed, putty powder can also be sprayed?" Theoretically, it is possible, but the actual effect is not ideal. For example, a machine can spray any material, but the actual effect can not meet the construction requirements or spray out, which is also useless. As Xiao Bian said initially, there is no spray machine that can spray any construction materials. Each spray machine can only complement each other, but not replace each other. Each spray machine has its own potential.

Screw spraying machine mainly uses the principle of screw kneading to send materials to gun head and form atomization with compressed air. High pressure airless spraying machine is mainly composed of atomization by its own high pressure principle. It is to pump materials to the wall quickly to assist people in construction and reduce the heavy work of people.