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Precautions for application of stone paint spraying machine


1、 After the completion of the assembly of the spraying machine, check whether the installation is correct and reliable. Pressure test can be carried out first;

2、 Conduct pipeline test with clear water;

3、 Before the stone paint is added into the material barrel, it shall be fully stirred. If necessary, it can be stirred with appropriate amount of water;

4、 Select suitable nozzle and feeding pressure according to the required surface effect and spraying speed:

The larger the nozzle is, the faster the spraying speed is, the smaller the nozzle is, and the smoother the spraying surface is;

5、 Do not clean the machine after work, do not open the cover, keep it closed, and keep the spray gun under water,

Because the machine is airtight, the real stone paint and other materials inside will not dry, and construction can continue the next day;

6、 After the completion of the project, add clean water, pressurize and knock out, repeat twice, the barrel, material pipe and spray gun can be cleaned.